Vehicle Shipping to Germany


Every day we hear of someone we know having his or her vehicle shipped to another location – often another country. This is becoming more common today because of the availability of so many international auto shippers. Some destinations are more popular than others are.

Germany is a destination many vehicle-shipping companies find themselves traveling to many times each year. In fact, transporting a vehicle or other personal belonging to Germany is becoming a challenge as more people are traveling to Germany for school, employment or to relocate in general. However, with the help of a qualified vehicle shipper and a few good tips, having your vehicle exported to Germany can be easy, fast and very affordable.

shipping vehicle to germany

Vehicle Shipping to Germany

Shipping your vehicle to Germany will take up to a month so make sure you contact a shipping company well in advance of your moving date. All vehicles in Germany are treated the same regardless of age as far as inspections and taxes are concerned. You’ll need to get a Germany driver’s license if you’re there longer than a year.

Speed is recorded in kilometers and you’ll be driving on the right side of the road! There is; however, an auto import tax you’ll have to pay upon entry in Germany. This tax is 10% of the price of the car plus freight insurance and freight cost to wherever the car is going.

You’ll also have to provide the shipping company with your keys, title and registration of the car, a notarized statement from a creditor if the car is financed as well as a notarized statement from the car’s owner if you’re not the owner. Whoever is going to picking up the car once it reaches Germany will have to provide a photo id.

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