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Today more people than ever are choosing to ship their car internationally as opposed to leaving it behind and depending on public transportation or having to purchase another car. While auto shipping internationally may seem quite complicated and expensive, when it’s done correctly and with proper preparation, it can be easy, convenient and the right choice.

When you choose to transport your car internationally, you have three ways to do this: RO-RO (Roll on and Roll off), container shipping or with a consolidated 40-foot high cube container. Before you make your decision, check with the restrictions regarding auto imports in the country you’re planning to ship your auto. Their rules and vehicle taxes may vary so you need to be informed. Planning is the best way to ensure a safe shipment of your car.

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Decide who is going to move your car. You can use a moving company that will take care of every little detail or you can choose a freight forwarder, which acts as a middleman and will save you money. Either option will inform you of requirements and will provide you with containers for shipping.

Once you decide on the company, you wish to use, choose the method you want. If you choose RO-RO, it means what it says: the car will be rolled on and off the ship. If you use container shipping, your car will be loaded inside the ocean container by a car loading warehouse and then the container goes onto the ship. An exclusive container will only hold one car while a 40’ high cube container can hold up to four cars. It will then be transported abroad and shipped to its new international location.

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