Shipping Cars to Australia


Australia is a very popular country as well as a place filled with talented singers, actors and actresses all moving from the states and back. It’s also a country more and more people are traveling to, both for vacation as well as to live. Shipping cars to Australia has become very common.

Finding the right shipping company to ship your car to Australia is easy with the many resources on the internet. Many sites require you to do no more than enter your zip code and the designated Australian location and they’ll provide you with a fast quote.

However, getting a quote may be important to you for your comparison-shopping but is not all you need to know about shipping cars to Australia. In addition to your quote for the actual transporting of the car, you’ll be paying expenses such as customs duties, insurance, entry processing charges, wharf and transport charges, steam cleaning for quarantine purposes and any costs involved in ensuring the car meets Australia’s registration requirements.

shipping cars to australia

Shipping Cars from USA to Australia

While some of these expenses may be included in your quote, many of them are not so don’t be afraid to ask for a total expenditure list before making a commitment so there’s no surprises later. Many of these things such as registration, insurance and custom charges must be completed before you can drive the car in Australia.

Shipping cars to Australia requires you to have other forms and documents including registration papers, driver’s license, Vehicle Import Approval form, passport and visa, insurance and International driving permit.

When you contact a shipping company that specializes in shipping cars to Australia, ask them to provide you with a detailed list of what you’re required to provide with your car. In most cases, they’ll be able to give you all the information you need.

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