International Auto Shipping


Who said you have to leave your car behind or sell it if you’re moving to another country or location? With so many international auto-shipping companies available to choose from, you can now have your favorite car shipped to wherever you happened to be going. To many people, a car is just a means of transportation; however, to others their car is one of their most prized possessions – a possession they don’t want to part with.

Auto Shipping is Very Possible

When you have your auto shipped internationally, you can be assured of its safe arrival to the designated destination. In many cases, your auto may arrive there before you do! Not only will it arrive there quickly and safely but also, with the right company, it can be more affordable than you’d imagined.

Methods of Auto Shipping

When you decide to have your auto shipped internationally, you can have a choice of how you want it shipped. Although transporting it on a ship is the easiest method to transport you car, there are other methods as well. When you choose this method, it is rolled on a ship and safely secured for trip. Since most of the major auto manufactures use this method, you know it must be safe and economical.

Container shipping is where you car is loaded into a large ocean container at a warehouse or port near your home. An advantage to this method is that your personal belongings can also be transported in the car.

Car transport is a method that’s very often used for international auto shipping and is the method of choice for European transports and long distances. Your car is loaded on a large auto hauler like the one auto dealers use to have vehicles delivered to them.

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