Shipping commercial trucks to Africa


Due to the improved economic activity in Africa, demand for the commercial trucks has dramatically increased in the region. USA – International International offers several options for shipping commercial trucks to Africa for its customers. We offer delivery to multiple destinations on African continent.

Shipping rates vary depending on size of engine and the size of a commercial truck. We offer our services for any size of commercial trucks to any available destinations on African continent. Shipping is done through ocean carriers and we offer roll on roll off service as well as container transportation for a smaller size commercial trucks. We offer door to door, door to port and port to port delivery service to all our customers at any available destinations.

Services for shipping commercial trucks to Africa include: vehicle pick up from a dealer, auction or a manufacturer’s facility, delivery to the port of loading and port to door delivery in the country of destination. We handle all the export paperwork; including US department of transportation and US customs. Import documentation is handled by our ocean export department. Import customs fees as well as the time of delivery vary depending on the country of destination in Africa. We offer cargo insurance for our clients at affordable rates, so you can rest assured that in case your cargo is damaged, you are fully covered.

Commercial vehicle transportation and particularly shipping of commercial trucks to Africa, is a big part of our business and we are pleased to have numerous partners in the region that allows us to offer a fast and efficient service.

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