Travel Trailer Ocean Transport from USA to Overseas


Motor homes and RV’s have been long available around the world. Road trip enthusiasts have been enjoying them in Europe, Australia, Asia, and South America for quite some time. But Travel trailer is a uniquely American phenomenon and no one is better when it comes to building the state of the art travel trailers than American companies.

It is not surprising that demand for the American made trailers is high around the world and shipping companies have been taking advantage of their popularity for years. Travel trailer ocean transport from USA has become a very lucrative business for freight forwarders around the world and especially in US. Frequent destinations are Russia, China, Germany, UK, U.A.E., Australia and Brazil.

Travel trailer ocean transport from USA

Travel trailer ocean transport from USA

There are numerous companies that have partnered with the manufacturers and try to offer package deals on trailers to overseas buyers. If one would Google the phrase “travel trailer ocean transport from USA” there will be multiple links that will direct the user to the shipping company’s website that offers a full service of delivering the trailer from the manufacturer’s facility to the final destination.

One of such companies is Accord Overseas, it has been in the business for 15 years and specializes in the transportation of cars, buses and other goods, and one of them is travel trailer ocean transport from USA. It is a full service shipping company that will pick up your trailer, store it, pack it into an ocean container and deliver it; will handle all the relevant paperwork, including customs clearance.

To find out more on travel trailer ocean transport from USA, you can visit the company’s web site at where you can get a quote and time table for your delivery.

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