Things That You Should Know Before Hiring Your International RV Shipping Company


Are you searching for a reliable international RV shipping company to have your motorhomes or your recreational vehicles shipped to a different country? Shipping your RV to another country can prove to be a highly complicated task if you do not have a dependable service provider to take care of your requirements in this area.

Here are few factors that you should know before hiring your international RV shipping company.

  • The first factor that comes to the mind of most people when they think of international RV shipping is the cost. As there is a lot of variation in the pricing offered by various companies, you better do some homework to get your quotes.
  • When you are reviewing your quote do not blindly compare the cost but pay attention to the details of the quote and see what you actually get for the money you pay. Some of the following inclusions should be considered highly welcome because they will make your international RV shipping hassle free.
  • Check whether your shipping company will also take care of drive-away or tow-away of your RVs to the closest sea port. Will your shipping company pickup the trailers from the dealership, private home or from any other storage facility?
  • Is the paperwork included in the quote and will the company provide travel documents?
  • Does the quote include marine insurance?
  • Look for companies that take care of all these factors so that you don’t have to run around to get the paperwork done or look for a local container service to have your RV transported to the sea port.
international RV shipping company

international RV shipping company

You should also check whether your international RV shipping company has experience in transporting RVs to the ports of your choice and whether they are familiar with the RV shipping regulations of the shipping port. Hiring companies with vast experience in this area will prove to be beneficial because they will know what they are doing and they will do things correctly right from the beginning and avoid unnecessary complications at a later stage.

Does your RV shipping company know how to cut costs while shipping your RVs internationally? Not all service providers know how to go about cutting costs; only experienced service providers will be able to assist you in this regard.

You should also know what type of transportation will be provided. There are different ways to ship your RVs, exploring your options in advance will help you determine the most cost effective ways to ship RVs. Here again not all companies offer all types of transportation options. Your RV shipping company should be a licensed operator to ship your RVs internationally. If your service provider is not licensed then you will run into unnecessary risks. Pay attention to all the above details and do not ignore the fine print while hiring your international RV shipping company. Your service provider should also enjoy good track record for timely delivery of the goods shipped using their services.

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