Factors That Affect Your International Shipping Service Prices


Whether you are required to use international shipping service or international freight forwarding regularly or you use international shipping service not very frequently, knowing the factors that affect the international shipping service pricing is always helpful. When you have a clear grasp of the factors that affect the international shipping prices your shipping company cannot take you for a ride. There are many good and honest international shipping service providers but there are also some unscrupulous service providers that take advantage of ignorant customers.

Here are the factors that control the pricing of your international shipping services. The first factor that controls the pricing is the goods that you are transporting. You may be transporting some equipment, a truck or an RV, so the nature of the goods transported has a great role in determining the costs.

The second factor that controls the cost is the distance involved in your international freight forwarding. Here you need to also take into account the mode of transportation involved along with the distance. Certain modes of transportation are cheaper than the others for example road transport is cheaper than waterways and ship transportation is cheaper than aircraft transportation. However, even though the distance involved may be very less in a particular scenario, you may not be able to use the cheapest mode of transportation due to various reasons including geographic limitations. As you can see here number of factors come into play. The regions involved in international freight forwarding decides how the pricing will work. If the both destinations are well connected through roadways or waterways then the shipping costs will be lot cheaper than having to airlift the goods.

At times the shipping duration also plays an important role in deciding your costs. You may be able to ship your truck or your RV to a particular destination by ship but you may not have the required time to have the product transported through ship and you may be required to ship the goods through air.

You should also take into account the nature of packing required to ship the goods depending on the products shipped. You may also need to use refrigerated shipping containers to ship your goods as in the case of perishable food. All these factors add on to your cost.

The next time you get your quote from your international shipping service provider take time to go through the quote carefully to ensure that you understand the estimation fully. Pay attention to every single line item and check whether you need to use a particular feature for your shipping needs. You should also look for optional extras and hidden charges in your quote. If you have any questions of if you need any clarifications it is important to have all your doubts clarified before you choose your service provider. This will save you from unnecessary pricing related confusions at a later stage. Always choose trustworthy shipping companies to take care of your international freight forwarding needs.

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