What Information Should You Provide Your Overseas Container Shipping Company?


For many companies in the country overseas shipping is a daily requirement because of the nature of the operations conducted. Businesses that make use of the international shipping services regularly will know what kind of information they are required to provide their service provider to expedite the process. If you are new to this space and if you are hiring your overseas container shipping company for the first time, you are very likely to be confused and a bit overwhelmed too with the process. However, you should be assured that you will be able to get past this stage, after hiring international freight forwarding company a few times you will become conversant with the process and it will not preoccupy most of your day anymore.

One of the important factors here is to provide your shipping company with the right information. If you approach them with all the information at hand, they will be able to offer you a better service. Your shipping service provider will be able to provide you an accurate quote only when you given them accurate information, this is where many customers run into problem with their service providers. To avoid unnecessary confusions at a later stage you should first be clear with your own requirements. It is best to send a written quote request with all the information required. Most shipping companies accept quote requests through email, which is of course the fastest way to reach your service provider.

You should clearly tell your international freight forwarding company the products or goods that you would like to be shipped. You should mention in your quote request the nature of the products to be shipped the total quantity of goods to be shipped, size and weight of each package or unit. You should also tell your service provider how the products will be packaged for shipping, what type of packaging you will be using, etc. You should also specify whether the goods that you are shipping are perishable items, fragile items, etc. The more information you provide your freight forwarding company the better it is.

Specify clearly the shipping ports, from where the goods have to be shipped and to which port you need the goods to be shipped. If you want the shipping company to pick up the goods for shipping from your warehouse or your premises such requirements should also be indicated along with the clear address of the pick up point.

You should also mention whether you have all the required documents ready for international shipping or whether you will require help from your shipping company in this regard. These factors will affect your costs considerably. If you want the goods to be shipped on priority, make sure to indicate the same in your quote request. Unless you tell your needs clearly, your service provider has no other way of finding your requirements. So be generous in providing all the details to your international freight forwarding company so that your shipping company can provide you with a hassle free international shipping service.

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