Roll-on roll-off shipping from USA


As a leader in shipping cars, motorcycles, trucks, buses, motor homes and heavy equipment worldwide, USA – International Intl. offers several different types of services, including roll-on roll-off shipping from USA for automobiles and heavy machinery.

For those who are not familiar with logistics industry terminology, roll-on roll-off service means to transport a car or other type of vehicle by “rolling” it on to a ship and rolling it off at the destination, as opposed to putting them in to ocean cargo containers and shipping them on ocean carriers. Usually vessels that allow this type of shipping are ferries and cargo ships with built in ramps, where vehicles can be parked efficiently and secured for the voyage.

To give you an example, car manufacturers that do not have manufacturing plants in US, use this service to move their merchandise. As a full service shipping company, USA – International Intl offers roll-on roll-off shipping from USA from multiple points of departure. Destinations vary, but include all major ports worldwide.

Additional services that company offers are: pick up of a vehicle at a dealership, manufacturers facility, or a warehouse, handling the paperwork of the US transportation department and customs clearances at the origin and the destination, insurance coverage and inland delivery at limited destinations.

To find out more about roll-on roll-off shipping from USA, including detailed information on destinations and charges, please visit company’s web site at where you will be able to get a detailed quote and time estimate for your shipment.

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