Shipping Buses to Central America from USA


21 century has been very successful for some Central American states, one example is Costa Rica, where tourism is booming and recent policies adapted by the Costa Rican government have triggered a massive inflow of foreign direct investment (FDI) in to the country.

Not surprisingly tourism is one of the industries that has been flourishing in the region. It is the only region in the world, where you can sunbathe on the Caribbean beach and in 4-5 hours go surfing in the Pacific Ocean. Due to the higher demand for capital goods, one of the products that has been growing in demand is buses. For shipping companies it has become very profitable to provide shipping buses to Central America services. Retailers, hotels, and tourist agencies have been ordering buses at a steady rate.

Shipping buses to Central America

Shipping buses to Central America

It is relatively cheap and fast to organize shipping buses to Central America. Ports of departure are on both east and west costs and time is relatively short in compare to Asian and European destinations.

Accord Overseas is one of the companies that has been offering its services to organizations and individuals who are interested in shipping buses to Central America. Accord Overseas is a full service freight forwarder that offers pick up, storage, packing (into ocean containers) and delivery to the destination. In some regions inland delivery is available. In addition, company will handle all the paperwork related to the transportation department of both countries as well as customs clearance in the country of origin and destination.

For more information on how to ship a bus to Central America, please visit company’s website at

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