Shipping heavy equipment overseas


Globalization, free trade agreement, World Trade Organization; these are the words we all hear almost every day. What purpose do they serve? Well, they all contribute to a better trade system to maximize profits and lower costs.

World today is more interconnected than it has ever been. Manufacturers in US ship their products to Asia and Chinese products are imported in to US on a massive scale. Everyone has benefited from global trade, including heavy equipment manufacturers that have seen the demand for their product rise triggered by the lowered trade barriers. As a consequence, freight companies have been benefiting by increased demand for shipping heavy equipment overseas.

Manufacturers like Caterpillar and GE have been supplying oil fields and wind farms worldwide with the equipment they need to produce the energy and meet the demand. Majority of the transportation has to be performed by the ocean carriers, since as a rule, equipment is too large for airplanes to handle.

USA – International Intl. is a US based company that specializes in shipping heavy equipment overseas. It offers pick up, storage, packing and delivery worldwide as well as customs clearance and handling of all relevant paperwork.

Company is a part of a large network of agents and carriers that enables it to pick up a product and deliver it to any port of destination in the world. To find out more on shipping of heavy equipment overseas, please visit company’s website at where you can get a quote and timetable for your delivery.

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