Shipping classic cars to Australia


Classic cars such as Mercedes, Rolls-Royce, jaguar and Bentley are admired worldwide; collectors and car enthusiasts pay large sums of money to acquire their favorite models and have them stored in their garages to admire and enjoy on the weekends.

USA – International Intl. offers an exclusive service to classic car buyers in Australia. Since the company socializes exclusively in car and automobile transportation, it has an advantage and offers a superior service at a lower price when it comes to shipping classic cars to Australia.

When a customer contacts USA – International Intl. company will offer a full package service, that includes a pickup of a car, storage, packing (into an ocean container and protection), handling of paperwork with US department of transportation, customs clearance in US and Australia, and registration in the country of destination. Due to a large network of freight forwarders and carrier agents, company is able to arrange a pick up anywhere in US and shipping to any destination in the world, including Australia.

Of course insurance is encouraged when an item is of a high value. Fees and taxes are not very high in compare to other countries, due to the trade agreements with Australian government. Items like classic cars are very few in compare to general merchandise, so shipping companies and in particular USA – International Intl. is very well connected with the major retailers and carriers that provide transportation to similar merchandise.

If you would like to find out more on shipping classic cars to Australia, please visit USA – International Intl. web site at

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