Our Services for Shipping a Motor Home to UK


Accord Overseas is an exporter that specializes in shipping automobiles, motorcycles and motor homes worldwide. Shipping motor homes to UK is a big part of our business.

In US we offer following services: pick up at a dealership, manufacturer’s facility, eBay seller, private home or an auction. We offer a trailer transportation to the port of loading or you may choose to deliver the motor home yourself to a loading facility, where we will put you motor home on a carrier and ship it to the destination of your choice.

We offer flat-rack container and roll-on roll-off services to UK. Our delivery includes door to door, door to port of destination, port to port and port to door deliveries. We will handle all the paperwork that’s associated with shipping a motor home to UK. It includes US department of transportation, US customs clearance, UK customs clearance and UK registration of the vehicle. We have an option to insure your cargo at very affordable rates while in transportation to cover you from unexpected losses during the shipping.

We can handle vehicles of any size when it comes to shipping a motor home to UK. Due to the fact that our network of agents has an extensive experience in shipping motor homes worldwide, we guarantee the lowest cost and highest speed of delivery.

If you need more information, such as dates and rates of shipping a motor home to UK, please visit our website at www.shipoverseas.org

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