Timeline for Shipping Boats Overseas from USA


Buying boats in USA and shipping boats overseas to other countries seems to be a very profitable business these days and our company have helped a lot of entrepreneurs in Europe, Middle East (United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Lebanon, etc), Australia with their international shipping needs. In this article I’d like to share what’s going on behind the scene once the customer books shipping boats overseas.

The first step we take is contacting the seller and verifying that the boat is ready to go. Lots of times we hear that the payment from the buyer overseas still hasn’t cleared the account or the paperwork hasn’t been completed yet. So naturally, we need to wait until it’s done. Once the boat is ready to go we need to schedule the pick up with the trucking company. Lots of buyers from overseas expect us to pick up the boat the very next day. It’s a tough one to accomplish… Truckers are busy doing the pick ups for other customers – they don’t just sit around waiting to transport the boat to the port of export. It may take 3-10 days to get it picked up.

Shipping Boats Overseas

Shipping Boats Overseas

If you purchased the boat with the trailer – please, make sure that trailer is in road-worthy condition. The cheapest way to move the boat to the required ocean port for boat export shipping – is to tow it. Using a flat bed truck costs much more. On the other hand, if you boat doesn’t have a trailer – a special hydraulic trailer must be used and trucking companies do charge more for this type of service. Plus an extra expense would be a shipping cradle because boat has to rest on something during the shipping boats overseas trip.

Once the boat is delivered to the port you can’t expect it to be loaded on the vessel and shipped the very next day. There are a few reasons for that. First of all, all carriers have “cut-off” date usually 3-7 days prior to the actual departure date. This time is required for the export port to process the cargo for export, clear it with US Customs and load the boats onto the ship. This needs time – it doesn’t happen overnight. Moreover, with roll-on roll-off overseas boat transport the vessel operator may call the port in USA only once or twice per month. This means that your boat may have to sit at the port for a few days until the next ship comes in.

Another point to remember with shipping boats overseas is that ocean vessels call multiple ports during their overseas journey. This means that the transit time between the loading export port in USA and the arrival to import port in overseas country (be it Europe, Middle East, Africa, Australia and others) could be 30-60 days depending on the stops the ship has to make.

If you have any questions regarding shipping boats overseas or need to get a quote for transporting your power boat or sail yacht from USA to any destination worldwide – please, use one of the contact forms on this site.

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