USA-International Boat Transport Done Right


If you’re moving to another country, you probably don’t want to leave your beautiful boat behind. With the help of a qualified international boat transport company, your boat can safely be shipped to your new home in no time at all.

Transporting your boat internationally doesn’t have to be the hassle you always thought it would be. While it’s going to cost you money, if you shop around for different international boat transport companies, you can find a reliable company that can make the transition easy and affordable.

International Boat Transport

International Boat Transport

Although the international boat transport company will take care of most of the large details of actually getting your boat to its destination, there are certain precautions and preparations that you may wish to handle yourself. The fewer “loose” or removable things you have on your boat, the less chance of them being lost or damaged. Any loose gear that’s above or below the deck should be secured. Windows need to be locked to prevent damage during transit.

Check with the international boat transport company as to their requirements regarding the water and fuel tanks, as some companies require them to be completely drained while others want them left ΒΌ full. However, any pumps, air conditioners and water systems should be drained of all its water to avoid damage in the wintertime. Cables should be secured and batteries disconnected. If you have any valuables or favorite electronic items, they should be removed if possible or properly secured.

Most international boat transport companies will come right to your home and do all the large preparations and for a price, may take care of small details for you. You’ll find with the right company, it’s very easy to transport your boat to its new location.

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