Boat Transport To Europe from USA: Safe and Affordable


One of the leading companies around the USA, our company provides you with excellent services for boat transport to Europe, including yachts, speed and sail boats, pontoon boats, cruisers and fishing boats without any problems. During the boat transport to Europe, customers are usually concerned about the high costs that they have to pay. The cost you will pay to our company will be worth an investment in your beloved possession – your boat.

Boat Transport To Europe

Boat Transport To Europe

Our customer’s satisfaction is the most important factor for us. We run our company in an organized manner and provide the most cost effective ways for boat transport to Europe. All our customers have to fill out some important paperwork and the rest is our job to do. Moreover, we provide our customers with amazing international shipment packages and ensure that their possession’s safety comes before all others.

Services allowed by our company for boat transport to Europe are as follows:

  • We provide our clients with door-to-door service i.e. allow them to rest comfortably while their shipment is sent to the destination they specify.
  • We provide our customers with port-to-port service for boat transport to Europe, i.e. they can collect their boat from the port where it has been delivered to.

Two main ways used by our company to ship boats from USA are as follows:

Roll on, Roll off Method: RoRo is one of the most cost effective and famous methods used by international shipping companies in the USA. Our company also uses this method for boat transport to Europe. RoRo ships are huge vessels which have enough space to store yachts, boats, ferries and other wheeled cargo. The ship has a built-in ramp which allows us to roll on and roll off the cargo we wish to carry on it. These ships are sturdy and do not rock a lot when in the water as compared to smaller ships. Moreover, the cost of shipping materials using these ships is comparatively low as they are quite spacious and can store huge amounts of cargo at a given time and it is best method for boat transport to Europe.

Ocean Container Method: Some international shipping companies use containers to ship off boat transport to Europe. When using this method, we drain all fluids, disassemble windshield and tower (if required). It is then placed and secured inside the ocean container. RoRo method is not available to all ports in Europe, so ocean container method must be used for all other ports. Plus this method may be a more cost-effective one for boat transport to Europe since with Ro/Ro you’re charged based on the total size of your boat and with container you pay just one fixed cost.

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