Preparing for Boat Transport to Italy


Transporting your boat to the next state may be almost more of headache than you care to deal with; but when you’re planning to transport it all the way to Italy, you really have your work cut out for you. However, with the right company taking care of the transport and the right preparations made by you, the transition can be quick, convenient and easy. The international boat shipping company will take care of most of the large details, leaving you preparing of the boat transport to Italy.

Boat Transport to Italy

Boat Transport to Italy

Here are some helpful tips on what you can do to ensure the best possible boat transport to Italy:

• Have the boat ready at the designated time. This will allow the drivers to stay on their schedule and not have to charge you for extra services.
• Make sure you do an accurate job of measuring your boat when you call for your initial quote as this will make sure you get the most accurate quote and will also ensure the drivers know what they’re dealing with and bring the proper equipment.
• Find out important details such as if they shrink-wrap the boat, will they assist with preparation or reassembly, do they have the equipment for offloading your boat and how payment works before you’ve hired the company.
• Make sure all loose items and valuables are removed from the boat before it’s ready to be loaded. This includes anchors, exterior electronics, antennas, outriggers and any other valuables that could get lost or cause damage during transit.
• Make sure the water and fuel tanks are drained as much as possible. During cold weather, pumps, water systems and air conditioners should be drained of all water.
• Batteries need to be disconnected with all loose cables tied for safety.
• Any items left inside the boat should be anchored down and secured with tape.

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