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If you have a special boat or yacht you hate to leave behind while you’re across the world moving or just vacationing, you may want to consider the choice many others are making today: having their boat internationally shipped. Once you start researching international boat shipping quotes, you may find it’s much less expensive than you thought. All you need to do is contact one of the many companies specializing in international boat shipping, tell them what you need and they can provide you with an almost instant quote.

You’ll have your choice of the method of boat shipping that best meets your needs. Flat rack boat shipping involves standard open shipping containers that have no top or sides. This type of container makes it easy to load the boat with a crane or forklift. Roll on Roll off shipping is probably the simplest and most common method of shipping your boat.

International Boat Shipping Quotes

International Boat Shipping Quotes

After the boat is towed onto a Roll on Roll off ship, it’s secured under the deck, making it the perfect method for towable boats or vessels that have their own trailer. One the boat reaches its destination; it’s towed off for the customer. Container shipping is a method of international boat shipping that involves loading the boat into a container that’s then loaded onto a ship.

Determining which of the international boat shipping quotes are the best is more than just finding the cheapest. You’ll want to get the most services for your money so look for companies that include services such as cargo insurance, boat shrink wrapping, inland transport, boat cradle construction, fly bridge removal and more.

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