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Thousands of cars are sold on ebay each month and a lot of them are purchased by overseas buyers. Sellers in USA are not very accustomed to handling international transactions and that’s when some help from an experienced international car shipping company is required.

Our company handled hundreds of ebay motors car deals and shipped the automobiles to their new owners in other countries. However, time and time again, I feel I need to educate overseas buyers about international shipping and business.

To make things easier to understand I like to compare international vehicle shipper to a travel agent. We’re simply arranging the travel for your automobile, motorcycle, boat or any other vehicle that you won on ebaymotors auction.

1. “Where Are You Located?” – that’s the question I hear all of time when people from overseas call to request international auto transport quotes. Well.. it doesn’t really matter. Tons of people book travel with Expedia and nobody seems to care where their office is located as long as they offer a good deal. Same with overseas vehicle shippers – our office location has no effect on the car shipping rates we offer. Our rates depend on the shipping contracts and vendors that we use.

2. “Can You Inspect My Car Before You Pick It Up From The Seller?” Folks, USA is a big country. As the travel agents for your cars we operate from the offices located oftentimes thousands of miles away from your new ebay motors purchase. It’s be really tough to fly around the country all the time inspecting the vehicles instead of taking care of overseas auto shipments. However, vehicle inspection can be arranged by employing a third party auto mechanic for an extra fee. This service is not the part of the international shipping cost.

3. “Can I Mail Some Parts To Your Office So You Can Put Them Inside The Car?” This one is a question of the car logistics process. Most of the times we never even see the cargo that we’re shipping. Suppose you purchased an automobile from ebay seller in Ohio and you’re shipping it to your home in Europe. Most likely it’ll be shipped via roll-on roll-off or container service from New York or Baltimore. So if your international auto shipping company is based in Chicago, IL – they’ll never see your car at all. It will be picked up by the vehicle trucking company and delivered directly to the ocean port for export.

So when you hire an international car shipping company to move your vehicle – Think how a travel agent would work. You don’t expect your travel agent to meet you at the airport, get your through the security, personally load your baggage on the plane and even serve you a drink. All they have to do is to make the arrangements (without ever leaving the office) and you will be taken care of by different groups of service people throughout your trip.

It’s very much the same with the services of overseas vehicle shippers: we make all necessary arrangements with auto trucking companies, export warehouses, US Customs, ocean ports, vessel operators, etc. to make sure your new ebay motors purchase has a safe trip overseas.

If you’re considering buying a car, motorcycle, boat, truck on ebay motors we can provide help with transporting it internationally to your location. Just use the contact forms located on this website.

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