Shipping Cars from USA to Italy


When a person thinks about Italy – fashion, sports cars and nice vino come to mind. After our company started working with Italy on shipping cars from USA I was quite surprised to discover that Italians are quite amused with American culture too. We shipped hundreds of automobiles from the glamorous 60-ies: old Fords, Cadillacs, Jeeps, Chevrolets, etc. (apparently classics never go out of style anywhere in the world)

Even the newer car models are big sellers in Italy – we packed and shipped Dodge trucks, Hummers, and quite a few limos. Harley Davidson motorcycles are very popular in Italy and there a few motorcycle clubs established.

Let me provide some details about how we ship automobiles, motorcycles, boats, trucks and other vehicles to Italy:

Our biggest port for container shipments is Genoa, Italy. After years of hard work on transporting vehicles from USA to Italy we were able to build a steady traffic of cargo which allows us to offer car consolidation service. What this means to a customer is that he can save on international car shipping charges. Clients don’t have to pay for the whole container – only for one spot inside the container. The shipping cost is “shared” among all customers and that’s the reason this service is often called “shared container” service in overseas auto shipping. We are able to offer shared container service to Italy from major ports in the USA: Los Angeles, Houston, Savannah, Norfolk and New York. We also ship cars to other ports in Italy with full container service: Venice, Livorno, La Spezia, Naples, Palermo, and others.

We have a good relationship with an agent in Italy that unloads the autos from the containers and can assist customers with Customs clearance, vehicle registration and deliveries to other cities.

Larger cargo such as boats, commercial trucks, travel trailers, motor homes can be shipped from USA to Italy using Roll-on Roll-off service. Some of the landing ports in Italy for this type of service are Savona, Genoa, Livorno, Civitavecchia and Salerno.

We also helped hundreds of car enthusiasts in Italy to find their dream automobiles on ebay motors in USA, negotiate the deals with the sellers and ship them to Italy. We have a page on our website translated to Italian if you’re interested to learn more about our services. You can view this page HERE

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