Shipping Cars from USA to Italy – The Affordable Way


USA – International Shipping is one of the biggest international shippers of automobiles and motorcycles from USA to Italy. It took us a few years to design and build our vehicle transport service from the United States to Italy and we’re proud of what we can offer to our customers.

So why so many customers decide to use USA – International Shipping when they need to ship a car, a pick up truck or a motorcycle from USA to Italy?

vehicle shipping from USA to Italy

vehicle shipping from USA to Italy

  1. We offer one-stop solution to all transportation needs – from the pick up from the seller in USA to the delivery and vehicle registration in Italy. You don’t need to hire many different companies to help you with the international vehicle shipping – USA – International Shipping and its partners will handle it all and you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your home.
  2. If you’re a buyer in Italy who doesn’t speak very good English and you found a car or motorcycle on ebay motors that you desire in the US – we can make all the arrangements for you directly with the seller. We’ll take care of all required documents, provide the export clearance and we can even assist in handling the international payment.
  3. We can provide the pick up service from any city and state in the USA. We work with a lot of trucking companies that can offer pick up service via open-air or enclosed trailers.
  4. A lot of customers want the lowest shipping rate possible when shipping their automobile, truck or motorcycle from USA to Italy. And this is understandable – everybody wants to save money. We’re glad to offer a “shared container service” from many ocean ports in USA to ports in Italy, particularly Genoa. Shared container service as the name implies allows you to share the container and hence the shipping cost with other customers. This way you’re not paying for the whole container yourself. We use professional auto loading warehouses that are able to load 3-4 cars in the same container. This way we can offer discounts on international shipping from USA to Italy as much as 50-75%. Our customers are happy to know that they can ship a car from New York, Norfolk, Charleston, Savannah or Miami for less than a $1000 dollars. And shipping cost for motorcycles is even cheaper. We also offer shared container service to Genoa from Los Angeles, CA and Houston, TX.
  5. Once your car, pick up truck or motorcycle arrive to the port in Italy – our services don’t stop there. We continue a long-established partnership with one of the oldest shipping companies in Italy to provide services such as import customs clearance, vehicle registration, deliveries to other cities, etc.

If you have any more questions about our services or would like to receive a shipping quote to transport your car, pick-up truck or motorcycle from USA to Italy – please, use one of the contact forms on this site.

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