Tips for Self-Pack International Moves


Each year, many people make a move overseas, whether for job purposes or otherwise. One of the most expensive aspects of making such a move lies in shipping of their personal and home items overseas. USA – International International Shipping Company offers a more affordable option – the “self-pack” route – to making an international move.

In the self-pack method of moving, the person who is moving is responsible for packing their own goods and putting them in the ocean container. Using this approach, as opposed to hiring a moving company to do all the work for you, reduces the cost a great deal. USA – International Shipping, for example, will deliver the ocean container to the person’s home, where the individual will take on the responsibility of loading it with their goods. Once it is ready to go, USA – International will pick it up and deliver it to one of their USA ports, where it will ship out to the individual’s international destination of choice.

“People are usually quite surprised at how affordable a self-pack route to moving overseas can be,” explains Mike S, of USA – International Shipping ( “When you take out the middle man, you save a lot of money, which is something we can all get used to.”

Once the goods reach the intended international destination, the ocean container is delivered to the person’s new home, where they will be responsible for unloading. When that process is finished, the company will again retrieve the ocean container. This self-pack process is more desirable to many because, in addition to the savings, they can be more hands-on with their valuables.

USA – International Shipping has several ports of departure in the USA, including Los Angeles, New York, Houston, Miami, Baltimore, Savannah and many others. International destinations to which they ship include Australia, Africa, Asia, the Middle East, New Zealand, and Europe. Their service also assists people with customs clearances and handling of all documentation.

In addition to household moves, the company ships passenger vehicles, motorcycles, boats, and more. They are licensed and bonded through the Federal Overseas Commission.

“Moving overseas is a lot cheaper when you get more involved in packing and loading your items,” adds Mike. “We have been saving money for people who go this route for over a decade.”

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