How International Shipping Companies can Compete with Movers?


When people decide to relocate overseas one of the first things they’ll start looking for is international moving company to handle their move. Most will probably go to Google or Yahoo search and type “overseas movers” or “international moving company” and check the results. Probably not a lot of folks will think about typing “overseas shippers” or “international shipping company”.

What is the difference, you ask? When people think about international shipping companies they usually think about corporations that can move packages and pallets with industrial products for businesses. They assume that when it comes to relocating your home overseas only moving companies can assist. This can’t be further from the truth.

loading household goods in ocean container

loading household goods in ocean container

When it comes to international shipping of commercial cargo or household goods there are only 2 ways to move it: by ocean or by air. So regardless of which company provides this service your goods will eventually end up inside the ocean container or inside the aircargo crate. International moving companies are useful when the customers want the full-service: from the wrapping of their household items and furniture to delivering and unpacking all goods at the new location overseas. These services are very labor intensive and usually result in thousands of dollars billed by the overseas relocation company.

For those who move overseas on a budget – working directly with an international shipping company can result in substantial savings:

  1. First of all, you need to be willing to organize the packing and loading of your household goods yourself. Buying supplies from a packaging store and doing all wrapping and boxing yourself will cut down your moving expense by a lot.
  2. International shipper can have the empty ocean container delivered to your home for loading. At this stage you need to pack your household goods and furniture inside the container. This can easily be accomplished with the help from some strong friends or even by hiring a couple of guys from a local moving company.
  3. Overseas shipping cost is where you get the most savings by using an overseas shipper directly. As a matter of fact, lots of moving companies do not have their own contracts with the ocean vessel operators and they subcontract this part of the move to other international shipping companies. Naturally, overseas movers add very handsome profits for their troubles.
  4. Once the container reaches the port overseas the international mover will most likely have the container unloaded and reload your goods into one of their moving trucks to make the final door delivery. Again, this involves an unnecessary labor expense which adds to your total cost. An international shipping company can arrange for the delivery of the container directly to your new home and you can organize unpacking yourself.
  5. Many of moving companies will try to scare the customers by telling them that only professional movers can load household goods and furniture inside the containers in order to avoid problems with Customs. This is simply not true. Any international shipping company will make sure that all required shipping documents are properly issued and filed with Customs in the country of origin and destination.

If you decided to relocate overseas and your employer is not paying the bill or your budget is limited – don’t think that international mover is your only choice. Working with an international shipping company that has experience in transporting household goods and furniture overseas will result in keeping your expenses in control. Our company has helped hundreds of customers to relocate from USA to countries abroad by using a very cost-efficient set up and eliminating movers altogether.

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