Shipping Cars from USA to Italy is Easy with USA – International Shipping


If you live in Italy and would like to purchase a car you like in USA – USA – International Shipping will make it easy for you. Why is our company the right choice for this job? Here are a few points how USA – International Shipping can help with shipping cars from USA to Italy:

  1. We’re an established international shipping company fully licensed and bonded by Federal Overseas Commission. We’ve been shipping automobiles internationally for 10 years and specializing in shipments to Italy for 5 years.
  2. We can offer one-stop solution for all your international shipping needs from USA to Italy – from arranging the payment for you new auto to the dealer or eBay motors seller , picking up your car to the closest warehouse or port, packing cars inside ocean container or loading onto roll-on roll-off ship, handling all export documentation and others.
  3. We can offer very competitive prices on shipping your vehicles from USA to Italy. How can we do that? Well, since we have a steady traffic we can offer “vehicle consolidation service”. What this means is we’re able to load 2-4 cars per container but you will be only charged for one spot inside the container. This way you can save 50%-75% off the full container load cost. Plus we have the export loading warehouses in all major ocean ports in USA: Los Angeles, Houston, Miami, Savannah, Charleston, Norfolk and New York. This means that we can deliver your automobile to the closest warehouse thus providing savings on the pick up cost.
  4. Since we’re a volume shipper of cars from USA to Italy we were able to negotiate low-cost rates with container carriers and roll-on roll-off operators. This way we can pass these savings to our customers in USA and Italy.
  5. We also continue a long-standing relationship with a cargo handling agent in Genoa , Italy that can assist our clients with container unloading, Customs clearance, vehicle registration, deliveries to other cities in Italy, and other related services. This empowers us to offer port-to-port or complete door-to-door packages for shipping your cars, motorcycles, trucks, motorhomes, boats, etc from USA to Italy.


So there you have it folks – 5 good reasons why you should contact USA – International Shipping for your next shipment from USA to Italy. Please, use any of the contact forms on this web site.
You can also view the page written in Italian language here.

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