Learn Car Shipping Cost before You Travel


The one thing that most people miss when they’re on vacation is not having their own car to get them around to the many places they want to be. You may have more than your share of public transportation available but it is not always there when you need it and it can become very costly, especially if you’re on an extended vacation.

Many people are choosing to have their cars shipped to their destination, whether they’re moving there or just vacationing. Choosing the right company to ship your car can make the transition easy, convenient and as affordable as possible.

If you know of friends or family members that have had their car shipped to another location, ask them what company they used and what they felt about their services. Word of mouth is often the best method of advertising.

car shipping cost

Car Shipping Cost

The cost of car shipping will vary depending on the size of the vehicle as well as how far it’s being shipped. Typically, a four-door sedan can cost from $800 – $1,000 to ship it coast to coast. It’s cheaper to ship it during the winter months than during the summer. A pick up, van or SUV is going to cost a couple hundred dollars more. Classic or exotic cars may require more care and usually cost slightly more.

Preparing your car for the trip can save you money as well. Make sure it’s in running order; if possible, as it may cost you more if they require work be done on it. Clean the car as thoroughly as possible both inside and out and make sure any loose items are removed to avoid damage.

Most importantly, shop around for the best possible price as well as the car shipping company that provides the best services.

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