International Car Shipping Rates


If you plan to have your car internationally shipped, one of your biggest concerns is going to be the cost. The fear of a high cost of international car shipping is why many people choose to leave their cars behind when they travel extensively or move to another location or country.

However, often they discover that the expense and inconvenience of selling their vehicle and purchasing another or relying on public transportation is higher than if they would have had their car shipped internationally. International car shipping rates are not as high as one might imagine. There are, however, different factors that will affect the cost.

Whether you’re shipping from one part of the US to another or are going halfway around the world, the size of your car and the method of shipping you choose will play a large part in the international car shipping rates.

Container shipping and RORO shipping are the two most common methods of shipping cars internationally. RORO allows your car to be driven on and driven off the vessel, where it is secured to the deck inside the vessel. Although all factory installed items, as well as a spare tire, can stay in the vehicle, all personal effects must be removed.

international car shipping rates

International Car Shipping

Container shipping involves your car being securely blocked and tied down inside a container so it’s secure during transport. Unlike RORO, you can leave your personal belongings in your vehicle.

When you’re looking for international car shipping rates, you’ll find that the time of year you’re planning the transport may also make a difference. Do some research and comparison shop for the best company in your area so your travel won’t be ruined by unnecessarily high international car shipping rates.

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