Heavy Equipment Transport to UAE


Global economy has experienced an unprecedented growth in the last 3-4 decades. Due to the globalization and technological advances in manufacturing, transportation and other fields, global demand for the heavy equipment transportation has increased dramatically.

Middle East has long been a bright spot when it comes to sales of heavy equipment. One of the countries contributing to increasing demand is U.A.E. It is a small country rich with gas and oil; due to the fact that oil prices have been growing constantly, there is a large capital available in the region, and government has been using the funds to improve infrastructure, develop real estate and improve economy. Due to these facts, demand for heavy equipment transport to U.A.E. has skyrocketed.

USA – International International Shipping is a full service export company that among other services, offers transportation service of heavy equipment. Company is located in US and has an extensive network of agents and freight forwarders that can arrange heavy equipment transport to U.A.E. Services offered are pick up, customs clearance and delivery. Transportation is handled by ocean carriers and can be arranged in ocean containers and by roll-on roll-off carriers.

US manufacturers such as Caterpillar have been steady suppliers of heavy machinery to the region. Usually shipments are large and complex to transport. It takes special containers to secure them on the vessels and to make sure they get to the destination without any damages.

heavy equipment stransport to united arab emirates

heavy equipment transport to uae

If you would like to find out more about heavy equipment transport to U.A.E, please visit USA – International Intl. website at www.shipoverseas.org

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