Global Auto Relocation Services


Free trade agreements and lower trade barriers have benefited almost every industry, but one of the most affected has to be the auto industry. Global auto relocation services have seen the demand for their service skyrocket. It is enough to take a walk in a third world country, or in one of the emerging economies such as Russia to understand what is happening.

You can see US made Cadillacs and Ford Mustangs racing in the streets of Moscow, Japanese made Toyotas made for USA markets parked in the streets of Kiev (Ukraine). It is unbelievable how many vehicles are loaded on the vessels in US, Europe and Japan and shipped all around the world.
There is no surprise why global auto relocation services have seen their revenue increase dramatically. Former soviet bloc is one of the largest markets for used auto sales from the developed nations. Not only used, but new car sales have seen an increase in general (if we don’t count global recession in 2008-09). China and India are expected to double the numbers of the cars on their streets in 20 years.

USA – International International Shipping is a US-based shipping company that specializes in car transportation. Services that are offered by the company include: pick up, storage, packing and delivering to any destination worldwide. USA – International will handle the necessary registration paperwork in the country of origin and destination as well as customs clearance in both countries.

global auto relocation services

global auto relocation services

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