Auto Shipping Services to Italy


Today, when the manufacturers create products that are designed in Italy, manufactured in China using the raw materials from Russia, it is surprising that auto markets of Europe and America are not as interdependent as other industries. Even though Ford and Volkswagen own multiple brands in US and EU, still markets are relatively separate compared to other industries.

Surprisingly auto shipping services to Italy has its customers and demand is pretty strong. The thing is, Italians buy American cars that are not available in Italy for mass production. Cars like Dodge Viper, Ford Mustang and Cadillac are in high demand with Italian car enthusiasts. Some of the shipping companies try to capitalize on the demand and have offered partnerships with vintage car dealers in both countries. This way, they try to lower the costs and make the car shopping and shipping a one stop destination. Other reasons to be interested in auto shipping services to Italy might be specialty vehicles, such as minivans, Jeeps and other outdoor vehicles.

USA – International International is a company based in US; it has been in business for more than 10 years. It offers auto shipping services to Italy on ocean carriers from multiple ports in US to any major port in Italy. Services offered are: pick up, storage, packaging, and delivery along with registration and customs clearance in the country of origin and country of destination.

auto shipping services usa italy

auto shipping services to italy

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