Transporting automobile from eBay USA to Italy


eBay has become a worldwide phenomenon; it is a place where people from all over the world come to sell and buy merchandise. Of course it benefits them, but one party that might be enjoying more benefits than any other is shipping industry.

Let’s look at one particular product, automobiles and its sales worldwide. Transporting automobile from eBay USA to Italy has become a lucrative business. US have long been accumulating enormous amounts of wealth and people have been buying vintage cars from all over the world. Recent crisis forced them to give up their toys and Europeans have been talking advantage of this fact.

Another source of demand for transporting automobile from eBay USA to Italy has been specialty vehicles; for example American RVs and Jeep vehicles, as well as classic American cars, such as Dodge Viper, Ford Mustang and Corvette. These are vehicles that are not available for mass production in Europe and can be bought only at exclusive dealers, who usually have enormous markups.

Shipping companies try to capture the largest market share of this small market niche; one of such companies is USA – International International, which started as an exclusive shipper for automobiles and grew into a company that specializes in shipping of cars, buses, trucks and large equipment worldwide.

USA – International offers services that range from pickup and storage to packaging and delivery. Full service export service is also available, that includes registration of the vehicles as well as customs clearance at both departure and country of destination; in this case Italy. For more information on transporting automobile from eBay USA to Italy, please visit USA – International website at

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