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Having your car exported from the USA can be done with a couple different methods although the most common method is Roll on Roll off, also referred to as Ro-Ro. Ro-Ro involves the use of special ships that allow the driver to drive the car on and off the ship. Boats, trailers and other non-motorized vehicles can be towed on the ship.

Ro-Ro vessels have much the same appearance and function as a multi-story parking garage with special enclosed decks that are the length and width to accommodate the car. Ro-Ro is a very common method of transporting or exporting cars out of the USA.

USA Car Export Roll-on Roll-off

USA Car Export Ro Ro

When exporting your car out of the USA by Ro-Ro method, some safety measures must be taken, which the company providing the service requires.

Vehicles that are not on trailers must have gas in them but not more than ¼ tank and must have the keys accompanying them. While they don’t want you to have a full tank of gas, there should be enough gas in the vehicle so it can be driven when it comes off the vessel at its final destination.

All cars exported from the USA by RoRo should be in running condition. If they’re not, extra charges may be added to the quote. Any personal belongings or items that are loose should be taken out of the car prior to its being driven on the RoRo vessel.

The title of the vehicle, as well as three copies of the title, should accompany the car when it’s exported from the USA. If the owner of the car cannot accompany the car on the ship, a power of attorney should be at the destination, either in the form of a person or a company.

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