Ship commercial trucks to Dubai


Dubai is one of the emirates of United Arab Emirates. It is reach in oil and natural gas and recently it has been experiencing a boom in the real estate and general economic performance. I am sure you have heard that it had some trouble recently due to a mounting public debt, but when it comes to the fundamentals of economy, it is going to be just fine. It has a resource that the rest of the world depends on and its price is only going to go up.

Due to impressive economic activity, demand for other capital goods, such as machinery, heavy equipment and transportation has been increasing at a steady rate. To ship commercial trucks to Dubai has become a very lucrative business for manufacturers as well as shipping companies.

Multiple shipping companies offer shipping of commercial trucks to Dubai. Due to the nature of the cargo, it is handled by the ocean carriers and usually consists of two options; container service for smaller commercial trucks and roll-on roll off carriers who sail to Middle East.

USA – International International is a US based shipping company that specializes in auto transportation, as well as heavy equipment shipping worldwide. Services offered by the company include: pick up, storage, packaging and delivery worldwide. Once the order is placed, client has an option to use company to deal with registration paperwork and customs clearance in the country of origin as well as the country of destination.

To find out more on shipping of commercial trucks to Dubai, please visit USA – International website at

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