International Recreational Vehicle Shipping via Rollon Rolloff


Recreational vehicles are usually large in size to accommodate travelers who want to spend some time on the road. They usually have a bathroom, a bedroom and a dining room, so it takes a space when it comes to the size of a vehicle. The size of the RV has presented a challenge when it comes to transportation of these vehicles. One of the most popular ways of handling the problem has been international recreational vehicle shipping via rollon rolloff carriers.

For those who are not familiar with the industry terminology, we have to explain what a roll–on roll-off means. It means that vehicles are not placed into containers; rather they are placed on the ships or ferries that have special built-in ramps that allows driving the vehicles on to the vessel and driving them off at the port of destination. Vehicles, while on board are secured to avoid any movement and damage during the transportation.

recreational vehicle shipping via rollon rolloff

recreational vehicle shipping via rollon rolloff

Recreational vehicle shipping via rollon rolloff is a very popular method for RV manufacturers, who need to import vehicles in to the country. Millions of RVs are transported using roll on, off method every year. Accord Overseas Shipping is a US based logistics company that offers recreational vehicle shipping via roll–on roll-off to any destination worldwide. Services include: pick up, storage, packaging and delivery. Company also handles registration and customs clearance for exporting and importing of the vehicle.

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