Move construction equipment to Saudi Arabia


Oil is the single most used source of energy in the world today; it has been for almost a century. Middle East is the richest region in the world when it comes to oil, and Saudi Arabia has been the largest oil producer in the world for decades. The lead has just recently been taken by the Russia as a leader in oil production.

As a result of decades of oil production and foreign capital inflows, Saudi Arabia holds one of the world’s largest reserves of gold and foreign currencies (US dollar in particular). Its markets are tightly controlled and economy has been flourishing for years. Its citizens enjoy one of the highest per capita incomes in the world.

It is only natural that, having large sums of foreign currencies, government is spending it on the capital improvement project, such as building roads and bridges, ports, airports and other civil infrastructure, such as schools, hospitals and office buildings.

Constriction equipment manufacturers have long enjoyed the steady demand from Middle Eastern states, and in particular from Saudi Arabia. Such projects require massive operations to move construction equipment to Saudi Arabia. Shipping companies have been engaged in these operations for decades and have seen their profits improve dramatically.

USA – International Inlt offers a full service when it comes to moving construction equipment to Saudi Arabia. It provides pick up, storage, packing and delivery by the ocean carriers to the destination.

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