International Container Shipping Rates


International container shipping rates depend on the weight and size of the cargo you wish you transport or export overseas besides several other factors that also affect the international container shipping rates.

International container service is basically used to transfer large and bulky goods to other countries following some rules and regulations which are standard for the procedure. And only after their completion can the transfer of goods through this method is possible. International container shipping rates are analyzed by experts who are professionals in the field and have been performing the job for years. They can easily guide customers with all the necessary documentations and clearances that are a must before finally shipping the container overseas.

Since international container shipping rates are greatly influenced by the country’s law where the export is to take place, the rates to different destinations fluctuate largely. Rates of shipping containers are also influenced by the type and value of cargo that is being sent and the different rules and regulation of different countries influence the international container shipping rates. Besides the competitive quote that is provided by our company for shipping your container goods, there are other documentations too that are required to be completed prior to shipping. These documentations include the paperwork and requirements of the US port along with papers that will be required at the destination port.

In calculation of international container shipping rates the import and export policies of a country also play a vital role depending on what you are exporting and in which quantity. A commercial invoice is required for the various goods that need to be transported to international ports which list in the complete information, including the detailed description of the good being transported, the quantity and the total value of the cargo, which is assessed and listed on the invoice. Our expert professionals assist all our clients through the required paperwork procedure according to their individual needs of shipping goods. Considering the services that are provided by us to help you get through the shipping procedure easily, the international container shipping rates offered are very competitive and cost effective.

When exporting or transferring cargo from USA to another destination, it is necessary in some cases that a certificate of origin accompanies the goods to their destination. The basic need of this document is to list in the country where the merchandise has been produced. This certificate is reviewed by the custom of the shipping port and the receiving destination as well, however rules of different countries vary on this document too. The certificate of origin should be duly verified and authorized before finally shipping the goods to another international port. Another factor that influences the international container shipping rates is the need to prepare the SED or the Shipper’s Export Declaration. This document is basically a reference which declares that the cargo holds a single item worth more than $2,500 that is being sent out of the country to another destination.

These are only some of the requirements that are essential to be completed before finally shipping goods out of USA to other destinations. A lot of these requirements affect the international container shipping rates offered by us, however we believe in serving our clients as our first priority and so the best possible international container shipping rates are offered.

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