Car Export Shipping


Many people that travel from coast to coast for an extended period or move to another country hire a company that specializes in car export shipping as opposed to leaving their car behind or selling it and having to buy another car in their new location. While many have always believed that car export shipping is expensive, they’ve discovered it’s more convenient and economical than having to rely on public transportation or buying another vehicle.

With the internet so readily available today, it’s quick and easy to get a quote for having your car shipped or exported almost anywhere in the world. Most companies will provide car export shipping to almost any destination for the right price.

The cost of car export shipping may depend on several factors but the most important factors are the size and weight of your car and the destination. For instance, you’re not going to pay the same to have your car shipped from the east coast to the west coast as you would to ship it from the states to Japan or Italy, etc.

car export shipping

There is also a different price for the roll on roll off (on a ship going overseas) shipping method than you’ll get if you choose to have your car shipped in a full container such as a large truck or hauler. Your price may also vary depending on how close you are to the nearest port. When you apply online for a car export shipping company, you can look at locations near your home.

While these companies will take care of all the large details for you, it will be your responsibility to make sure the car is cleaned, emptied of all loose items and ready to ship. Although some companies will provide insurance for your car, others will leave it up to you so always make sure your car is insured for its destination.

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