What You Need to Know about Boat Shipping USA-NZ


We are one of the leading brands in the international boat shipping USA-NZ in the world. We also have excellent facilities available to ship boats from USA to New Zealand. Our company can provide you with top of the range international boat shipping USA-NZ services to ship your yachts, sail boats, speed boats, pontoons, and cruisers and fishing boats without any problems or hitches. Usually when a person is using boat shipping USA-NZ services for a boat especially to New Zealand, the customers are worried about the high costs of shipping that the customer has to pay for. The payment made to our company, you can be sure will be worth an investment.

Boat Shipping USA-NZ

Boat Shipping USA-NZ

The satisfaction of the customers of our company is the most important thing. Our company is run in a very efficient and organized manner and you can be sure that our team will provide you with cost effective boat shipping USA-NZ solutions to ship your boats to New Zealand. Our company, with a minimum amount of paperwork, provides our customers with super cheap boat shipping USA-NZ packages for shipping your boats all over the world, especially shipping from USA to New Zealand. Our company will provide you with excellent boat shipping USA-NZ services and also make sure that your cargo gets to your destination all in one piece.

Our company also provides you with many other benefits, such as door to door boat shipping USA-NZ services and port to port service. Also one of the other benefits is that you don’t need to pay the high port fees. Many of the companies and boat shipping USA-NZ brands, charge a high port fees which then increases the total cost of the shipping.

Also with our company you can avail our boat shipping USA-NZ solutions which are affordable and meet your needs and requirements. This is a major benefit because boat shipping USA-NZ services for a boat to any part in the world and especially to New Zealand can be quite expensive. So our company makes sure that you don’t have to pay the fees which are out of your reach. Many of the times it’s the high cost of cargo that makes a person think twice about sending his boats to a destination in the world.

The two main types of methods that the company uses to ship the boats are:

  • Ocean Container Method: In this method basically your boat is loaded and secured inside the ocean container and then loaded onto the container vessel.
  • Roll on, Roll off Method: this technique is used for bigger boats that don’t fit inside the container and our company uses this technique to ship boats worldwide.


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