International Shipping for High & Heavy Vehicles


International shipping for High & Heavy vehicles: truck cranes, military vehicles, drilling equipment, mobile testing vehicles and others

International Heavy Vehicle Shipping Company

Whether you’re moving overseas from the United States or you purchased a heavy or specially-equipped vehicle in USA and need to bring it to your home country – our company Accord Overseas Shipping can handle all your international vehicle transport needs. We can arrange all shipping and logistics details at affordable price and handle all required documentation and Customs paperwork no matter what your final destination is.

Accord Overseas Shipping Agency is an international shipping services provider specializing in vehicle relocations including the following services:

• International shipping for any type of heavy vehicle: truck crane, tow truck,
military vehicles, mobile drilling equipment, fire truck, armored truck, etc.
• Inland pick up from any location in USA via drive-away or on flatbed carrier.
• Export documentation, title assistance and Customs clearance
• Packing vehicles onto the flatrck containers or Shipping via roll-on roll-off service
• Over 200 ports served worldwide on all continents

Our Process

With over 15 years of experience in the international transportation industry, our company knows exactly what needs to be done to make your shipment stress-free. We are not a broker – we handle everything directly from our office. We handle every step of your heavy vehicle transport process with our trusted partners in USA and around the world.

Shipping Cost

The shipping cost to move a heavy or specially-equipped vehicle from USA to a country overseas will depend on a few factors: distance to the port, ocean freight charged by the vessel operator, size of your vehicle, method of shipment and marine insurance coverage.
We always quote our very best price and in most of the cases we can offer other solutions that will help you to save money. To get a free quote for your international heavy vehicle shipping needs – simply fill out the FORM to your right. You can always call us too at 800-859-6474.

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